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Christmas Mischief Series by EJ

Two stories:
A Little Christmas Mischief
Christmas Morning for Scott and Johnny


A Little Christmas Mischief

#1 in the Christmas Mischief series

Word count: 460

Johnny was so excited.  He had been listening to Papa and Scott tell him stories about Santa Claus.   Especially all the wonderful presents he would be bringing to the good boys and girls.

With all the Christmas activities going on around him, it was so hard for the six year old to stay out of trouble. Papa had warned Johnny about the good boy list and the bad boy list that Santa kept.   This was scary information, so he settled on the garden bench and thought about what he had done.  And, did it mean the bad boy list for him.

First, he had snitched some cookies and Tia Maria.  She had used her wooden spoon on his bottom and it sure stung.  Did spankings count against him, and put him on the bad boy list?  He said he was sorry, did that make up for snitching and put him on the good boy list?

Second, he was caught touching the pretty decorations on the tree in the great room.  Papa had told him not to touch the tree and the decorations.  It really hurt when Papa’s big hand smacked his bottom and then made him sit in the corner.  Bad boy list?  But he did as Papa told him and stayed there till Papa said he could get up.  Good boy list?

Third, Tio Cip caught him in the corral by himself, which was something he was never supposed to do.  But he wanted to pet the palomino pony he discovered.  Tio Cip had swatted his bottom but it didn’t hurt as much as Papa’s and Tia Maria’s.  Then he made Johnny pull weeds in Tia Maria’s garden.  Bad boy list?  But Tia Maria said he did a good job.  Good boy list?

Tonight Santa was coming and Johnny was so afraid he was on the bad boy list, and that tomorrow morning there would be coal in his stocking. Big brother told him bad boys got coal instead of presents.  This was distressing news.  

Scott sat on the sofa reading his little brother a Christmas story, but Johnny didn’t hear it.  His forlorn little brother sat in front of the fireplace and tried not to cry.

Finally Papa came into the great room and picked Johnny up and cuddled him against Papa’s chest.  He told Scott and Johnny it was time to go to bed because Santa doesn’t come until all the boys and girls are in bed and asleep.

It was so hard for Johnny to fall asleep, he kept hearing all kinds of noises.  If he was still awake would Santa leave?  Johnny tossed and turned and finally fell into an exhausted sleep.  He dreamed about Santa.

And hoped there would be no coal in the morning.



Christmas Morning for Scott and Johnny

#2 in the Christmas Mischief series

Word count: 1,095

It was after midnight and outside an unexpected snow had begun to fall.  

Upstairs two small boys snuggled into their warm blankets and one little boy dreamed of Santa Claus.   

Downstairs an exhausted Murdoch, Cip, and Maria had finally arranged the boys’ presents under the tree.   Cip and Maria sat on the sofa and Murdoch in a chair while they admired their work and sipped on wine.   All three were thinking the same thing—how quiet it was when the boys were asleep.


Finally Murdoch slowly climbed the stairs, he peeked into his sons’ rooms and found two sleeping angels.  After kissing each head, Murdoch retired to his own warm bed.  He expected his sleep would only last a few hours-if he was lucky.


The shout caused the sleeping father to bolt from his bed, he stumbled into the hall and headed toward the noise.  Murdoch saw Scott’s door open and headed for his older son’s room first.  When he entered he found Scott and Johnny standing at the window looking at the snow.

“Hey Scott, did Santa come?” Johnny asked as he stared out the window to the snow covered yard, concerned that the weather had kept Santa away.

Scott put his arm around his little brother’s shoulders.  “Don’t worry Johnny, Santa is used to snow.”    

This information relieved Johnny, he knew his big brother knew a lot of things.  

A very tired father smiled at his younger boy’s concern about Santa possibly missing their house.  After a jaw cracking yawn Murdoch stooped next to Johnny, “Come on boys I think I heard a noise down stairs a little while ago.”

Johnny bounced on his toes and clapped his hands, “Really Papi?”   

Scott grabbed Johnny’s hand, “Come on little brother let’s go see.”

Murdoch stood and followed two excited boys to the great room.

Two sets of eyes widened at the treasure before them, “Ooh!” Two sets of voices filled the room.   

“Well boys, looks like Santa made it through the storm.”  Murdoch sat in his big chair while the boys sat on the rug and eyed the pretty packages.

“Can we open them?” Scott tried to keep his voice calm but didn’t succeed.

“Please Papi.” Johnny chimed in.

“Well I’m not sure if mamacita doesn’t want you boys to eat breakfast first.”  He could smell the coffee Maria had brewing in the kitchen.  Murdoch wanted to laugh when he saw the devastated looks on his boys’ faces.  He gave in.

“Alright, I guess we could open them, but, then I want you to eat everything Maria fixes you boys for breakfast.”  Murdoch waited for an answer.

Two heads nodded agreement then turned back to the tree and the gifts.

Johnny suddenly stopped mid reach and looked to his stocking at the fireplace.  He whispered, “Scott, coal?” He pointed to his full stocking.

Scott was a little concerned when he saw how heavy his stocking looked too. “I don’t know, Johnny.”

Murdoch noticed how the boys stared at the stockings.  “Maybe we better check those first, what do you think, boys?”

They both nodded but Johnny was not sure he really wanted to know.

Each one took his proffered stocking and dumped the contents on the rug.

A combined sigh of relief, then giggles as each one popped a piece of candy in their mouths.   

“No more candy until after breakfast.” Murdoch tried to sound stern but failed at the looks on his boys’ happy faces.   

Scott took charge since he was the older son and passed out the packages.

Johnny was disappointed when Scott had the biggest package under the tree.   

Scott jumped in Murdoch’s lap and hugged his father.  Inside was a new saddle with the Lancer L on it.  “Thank you father, thank you. Uh…you told Santa what I wanted.”  Scott couldn’t control the ear to ear smile on his face.  He hoped Johnny missed that he thanked Papa instead of Santa.

Scott got down and sat by his saddle and rubbed the leather, the rest of his gifts all but forgotten.

Johnny was dismayed at being the recipient of the smallest package under the tree.  He held the box and didn’t attempt to open it.

“What did Santa bring you Johnny?” Murdoch hid his smile behind his cup of coffee that he had gratefully accepted from Maria.

Johnny held up the little box, “Don’t think Santa brung nothing.”

Murdoch was tempted to correct his son’s English but decided to continue the ruse.  “Why do you think it’s nothing?”

“Nothin’ in it.”  Johnny was shaking the box.

“Well, you won’t know till you open it.”

“Yes Johnny, open it.”  Scott suddenly was interested in the little box too.

Johnny sighed and shrugged his shoulders, “kay.”  He ripped the paper off and opened the box.  “Piece of paper.”  He help it up to his father.  “What it’s say?”  Johnny kneeled by Murdoch’s leg and waited to hear what Santa wrote.

“Well son, it’s directions from Santa.”

Johnny was sure it was a warning from Santa about a pile of coal waiting for him, somewhere on the ranch.

Taking pity on his son Murdoch continued reading.  “It says to go to the barn.”

Johnny wasn’t sure he wanted to, but figured he better.  He didn’t want to make Santa any madder at him.

“Come on Johnny, let’s go see what Santa brought you.”  Scott took Johnny’s hand and pulled him from the rug.

“All right boys but we have to bundle up first, Maria will be mad if you get colds.”

Finally everyone was sufficiently garbed for the trip.  Murdoch took a small hand in each of his and they headed for the barn.

After Murdoch opened the door he motioned for the boys to enter the barn.

“OOOOOHHH!”  Johnny ran to the golden pony he had seen the other day.  He looked to his father, then reached out and patted the pony’s head.

“Santa brought it early and asked me to keep it for him since his sleigh would be so full of toys.  You, young man, were not supposed to be in the corral to see the pony.”  

Johnny shuffled his foot in the straw and finally looked up at his father, “Sorry, Papi.”  Then suddenly, “Santa wont take the back pony, will he?” Johnny was concerned.

“No, Johnny, the pony is yours.”

Relieved that the golden pony was here to stay Johnny hugged it and rubbed his face into the white mane.

That night a little boy dreamed of one day riding his golden pony across the pastures of Lancer.



~ end ~
December 2011
Hope y’all have a Merry Christmas and that Santa brings you your heart’s desire.  EJ




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10 thoughts on “Christmas Mischief Series by EJ

  1. Lovely little story that I really enjoyed. I love reading stories about what it would have been like if Johnny and Scott had grown up together on the ranch
    Lancer lives on!


    1. Thank you Lynne,
      I too love stories giving Scott and Johnny a life together.
      Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Elin


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