Five Facts about…Daniel Cassidy  (The Escape) by Doreen

Word Count 246

In response to a Lancer Writers March 2014 Challenge a tag for The Escape

1.   Daniel Cassidy’s parents were Irish immigrants and he was born on a farm in Wisconsin in 1843, the youngest of three brothers.  A bright and quiet boy he spent his early years dreaming of being a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, even a priest…but never a soldier.  He had no desire to ever intentionally kill anyone.

2.   Daniel’s childhood was marred by the unexpected death of his father in 1857.  The shock sent his mother into a fit of depression.  Within a few months she too died; to all intents and purposes of a broken heart.  The three Cassidy boys were left to carry on alone.

3.   In 1861 came the outbreak of war. Daniel’s elder brothers immediately signed up with the 2nd Wisconsin Regiment.   They marched off in July of that year leaving Daniel to run the family business on his own.  He worked hard in their absence and made a profit.  For the first time there was money in the bank; it would be a farm worth coming home to.

4.   During the summer of ’63 Daniel received a telegram.  His brothers had been killed at a place called Gettysburg.  Devastated by the news Daniel’s heart was no longer in farming.  He sold out and travelled east, enlisting into a Cavalry Unit and soon after gaining a commission.   

5.   In his first clash against Confederate forces Daniel Cassidy intentionally killed a man.


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