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Special Delivery by db brisbin

Word Count 334

Just his damned luck!  How did he get into these situations?  Mierda, up to his elbows in placenta, Val would never let him live this down, and with Murdoch takin’ the head, there was no way in hell, the whole San Joaquin Valley wasn’t gonna hear about this one. 

God damned stagecoaches!  Why did this one have to break down and with just him and Murdoch, and the other two passengers, a preacher and his pregnant wife?  So much for the preacher, he’d passed out at the first sight of blood. 

Well, here it comes, “Push, push hard!” 

Suddenly, there it was, a bloody, pink baby.  It was the ugliest thing he had ever seen. 

He laid her gently on the blanket and began wiping her off and clearing out the mucous so she could breathe.  Suddenly, she screamed with a volume that could rival Murdoch, and right in his ear!

“Okay, okay, chica. Calm down. You’re safe with me.”   

With his index finger, he attempted to wipe a bit of something off the tip of her nose, when she suddenly grabbed it in her tiny hand and cooed at him.

Murdoch, having helped the mother sit up where she could hold her baby, couldn’t help but marvel at his youngest.  His son, his lost boy, the big bad gunfighter, Johnny Madrid, delivered that baby as good as any doctor, and damn, he had a way with women too! 

His son, just like every other woman who encountered the boy, mesmerized the baby!

d.b.brisbin, April 2010


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2 thoughts on “Special Delivery by db brisbin

  1. Really sweet, Johnny and the ladies. I am glad that Murdoch was there to discover all the different qualities of his so.
    Thank you for writing


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