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The Stage by Christine C.

Word count: 436

The stage was on time today, why couldn’t it have been late like it usually was?

Scott had ridden from the ranch as fast as he could, but had missed Johnny by minutes. He headed straight to the saloon, hoping that the man from Johnny’s past had not found Johnny Madrid first.

Scott burst into the saloon carrying his rifle, prepared for trouble. A number of watchful eyes turned towards him as he scanned the room. Scott saw Johnny lounging on a chair at a corner table, glass in hand. Scott had taken a few steps towards Johnny when he heard the sound of another person entering behind him. Scott turned and realised it was the man who had come to Lancer demanding to see Johnny Madrid. The man looked around until his eyes settled on Johnny.

Afraid Johnny was about to be called out, Scott lifted his rifle and stepped between the two.

“Get out! You are not welcome here.” Scott said in a low threatening voice. The man raised his hands as he said he was just in town to offer Johnny Madrid some work, work Madrid had done for him before.

“He is not interested in hiring out his gun” Scott replied. “ Now get out.” The man stood staring at Scott for a few seconds, then backed towards the exit and left.

From behind him Scott heard a chair scrape on the wooden floor boards and turned to see his brother stand and slowly take a few steps forward.

Johnny stopped in front of Scott and softly murmured, “What I agree to do is up to me, Boston, not you.”

It was Scott’s turn to take a couple of steps backwards.

“That man hired me to break some horses a while back. I assume that’s what he wanted me for again.”

“Well how was I to know that was all he wanted you for,” stammered Scott. “I’m sorry if I cost you some work. I don’t know what came over me. You know I don’t usually act so rashly. I… I’m headed back to Lancer. You can tell us how your trip went later. You will have to have to hire a buggy to take your bags from the stage depot – I rode here in rather a hurry. Didn’t plan ahead at all.”

Johnny had a big grin on his face as he shook his head and watched his big brother head out of the saloon. He knew exactly why his big brother had acted as he had to try to protect him from his past, and he loved him for it.







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