The Madrid Stare by Charlene

Word Count 426

Episode Tag to The High Riders


I’ve heard other people talk about it. Whisper when they think I can’t hear. Hell, I even read about it in one of those damn dime novels … Johnny Madrid: Prince of the Pistoleers … what a crock of horse shit. But yet and all, I know it exists. I know I have it. Val’s even told me.

The Madrid stare.

They say it’s an icy glare that I give off that has men quaking in their boots. Some even piss themselves. Despite what some folks say, I ain’t worked on it. It’s just natural. Just happens. It’s just … me.




Now I know. It ain’t just me. Or well, it is, but it won’t mine first. Nope, it’s his. I see that now. I threw out a snarly challenge and that mountain of a man turned on me and there it was. The Madrid stare. Only it won’t coming from me, Johnny Madrid. Nope, it was coming toward me from Murdoch Lancer. My father.

Scared the piss out of me. Not that I let him know it. No sir, Johnny Madrid might’ve been scared but I won’t letting no one know it, especially in front of that dandy of a brother of mine. No sir.

His eyes are blue like mine. Guess I knew that they would be, the blue sure didn’t come from my mama. Didn’t know they had that hard as ice edge though. Nope, I won’t expecting that.

Maybe that connects us. Me and him. My father. That’s gonna take some getting used to. That is, if we have time to get used to anything and ol’ Day Pardee don’t kill the lot of us. Day’ll have to get through me … I think he’ll have to get through the Old Man too and I think that might be harder than ol’ Day is thinking. Not many men take a bullet in the back from Pardee and keep on going, but Lancer has and that’s something.

Still can’t believe Old Man Lancer’s got my Madrid stare. No sir. That’s also gonna take some getting used to. It just might be worth sticking around to see what else I might’ve gotten from this old man … this father … of mine.

I guess though, really, when I think about it, it ain’t the Madrid stare is it? He had it first. I got it from him. His eyes, his stare. Well, what the hell.

The Lancer stare.

March 2021


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