Illuminations by Charlene


For the Firecracker Challenge

Word count: 210

“You’ve never watched fireworks before?”

“Nope,” Johnny said as he leaned back on the blanket. He plucked a blade of grass and stuck it in his mouth. “Not as fun. Seen plenty of explosions, caused quite a few, but never had a picnic to watch one. Don’t exactly see the point.”

“It’s Independence Day! We use firecrackers to light up the sky in celebration,” Scott exclaimed. He wanted his younger brother to share his excitement. “John Adams said that the anniversary of independence should be marked by guns, bonfires and illuminations.”

Johnny grinned, a twinkle in his eyes. “Don’t know that Adams feller, but guns and bonfires can be either a lot of fun or a lot of trouble. Been there for both.”

“This will be fun.” Scott sat beside his brother and pointed as the first projectile rocketed into the sky and exploded into a multitude of flying and then falling red lights.

“Hey, will you look at that!” Johnny said as he rested on his elbows, a huge grin spreading over his face. “That’s better than the time I threw dynamite during this range war and hit the rancher’s chicken coop. Feathers went flying everywhere but it won’t pretty like this.”

“Yes, well, I can see this would be slightly better than flying feathers,” Scott replied.

“Oh yeah! Look at that one, Scott.” Johnny pointed. He sat up, cross legged on the blanket, a mile wide grin on his face.

Scott smiled contentedly. The illuminations in the sky couldn’t hold a candle to Johnny Lancer’s smile.



July 2019



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10 thoughts on “Illuminations by Charlene

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad that you enjoyed this little fic. Yes, now that he is allowed to be Johnny Lancer, he’s making up for his lost childhood I think.


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