Calm After the Storm by Charlene

Word count 253


It was beautiful after a storm. The colors of the world always seemed more vivid, more alive. Johnny took a deep breath. He loved the smell after a good spring rain. Earthy and strong. It was a good smell. Storms were wild and tempestuous, sometimes drenching in rain, sometimes destructive in wind. But the afterwards was a calm that settled the world.

Johnny smiled to himself at his thought. His life had been like the storms. Ol’ Johnny Madrid had been wild and dangerous but now ol’ Johnny Lancer was just a peaceful rancher. Just a man like any other, not a legend from a dime novel.

It had been fun riding the wind and swaggering across the Southwest as a younger man, a boy with a gun really. Yet, the calm that was Lancer was everything he never knew he wanted. Funny how this place and these people had gotten under his skin so quickly. And he liked it. He would have never thought that he would.  

He had a father, a brother, a sister of sorts, and a place to belong. No sky bluer, no grass greener, and no where else he’d ever want to call home.

Yes, everything was more alive after the storms moved out. The storms inside a man and those outside in the elements. His storm had moved on, and he was glad of it, and he was left to enjoy the life the storms had left behind.



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24 thoughts on “Calm After the Storm by Charlene

  1. Love this, Char! It gives new meaning to the saying “Not all storms block your path- some clear the way.” Great job describing Johnny’s past and present and comparing them to storms. Great story!


  2. I love the stormy, dangerous undertone of Madrid, so it’s always bitter sweet to think of Johnny leaving that life behind to turn into a peaceful, successful rancher, but if anyone deserves a break in life it’s Johnny.
    Thanks for sharing this little insight into the transformation of Madrid into Lancer.


    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like this. Madrid is a favorite for me too. Madrid like the storm is always there to come back … when needed. But Johnny does deserve some peace.


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