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A Thoughtful Gift for Scott – Barbara V.

Word Count 592

#4 in the Christmas Gifts Series


Oh, I hope he likes it’ thought Teresa as the Christmas gifts were opened. She so wanted her gifts to be practical yet welcomed by the receiver.

“Well, let me see what gift I have from our dear Teresa.”  Scott began tearing at the wrapping and ribbon. 

He started to pull out the first of several smaller boxes within the larger one. The first held a  box of fine stationary and envelopes. “Very nice, Teresa.”

Scott pulled out the next box. It held a bottle of ink, and a pen. “Well, we can’t have that nice stationary without  a pen and ink to write with.”

Johnny was enjoying Scott’s discoveries, as well as Teresa’s happy face, but he was getting  fidgety. “Well, what else did ya’ get?”

“Patience, little brother, patience.” Scott removed the next box. He was taken aback by the gift in this one.  Smiling, he was watching Teresa, who  had a pensive look on her face, as if she was wondering what Scott thought of the gift. 

Patience forgotten, Johnny decided to get a better look at the gift Scott had gotten. 

“Hey, nice. But those are awfully funny looking candles; kinda small, too. And what’s this for?”

Scott slapped Johnny’s restless fingers in their flight, gaining a pout from him. 

“These, little brother, are not candles, but sealing wax. And this, is the stamp.” 

Noticing the confusion on Johnny’s face, Scott decided a visual explanation would be  better than a verbal one. He found this sometimes worked better with Johnny. 

“After dinner I’ll show you how to use them.”  

“I am impressed Teresa. Thank you, dear.”  Scott reached for the last box. He smiled, seeing what he had discovered in this one. 

“Teresa, you bought me three new journals? They’ll certainly come in handy.”

Eyes twinkling, Johnny was still working on a faux pout as he saw the journals. 

“Aw Teresa, why’d you get him those? Now he’s gonna write more of those ‘Big Brother’s Rules’  he’s always spouting off about.”

Murdoch sat enjoying the company of his ‘children’ as they opened the gifts. After the laughter died down from Johnny’s optburst, he spoke to his youngest.

“Maybe these rules may be helpful to you hmm, John?” His words set the room to laughing again. 

“Teresa, these gifts are all so practical, and so welcomed. I thank you, and they’ll all be put to good use.” Scott reached over and kissed Teresa on her cheek.

Teresa was ecstatic that Scott seemed to like her gifts. “I saw the writing desk in you room when I was putting your clean clothes on the bed, and I thought I could get you something for your desk. I’m so happy you like them.”

As Scott sat watching his siblings in a mock disagreement as to who would be picking up the discarded wrapping paper, he thought back to the lonely Christmases he had while a child. He so wished for a little brother to protect and share things with. Now he not only had a little brother whom he loved very much, but he also gained a ‘little sister’, well almost.  Coming home to meet his father, and then learning of his grandfather’s deceit, he felt the warmth of true family. He hoped to enjoy many more Christmases with his family. 

“I want to thank each of you for my gifts, and for making this a very happy day for me. Merry Christmas to all.”

December 2021


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