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A Gift For Murdoch by Barbara V.

#1 in the Christmas Gifts Series

This was part of a Christmas Calendar challenge for 2021. No beta. All mistakes are mine.

Word count: 580

Concluding a wonderful evening meal, the family retired to the great room for after dinner drinks and to enjoy each other’s company.

Murdoch was sitting on the couch along with Teresa. He was showing her illustrations in the book on Scotland he received from Aggie. It was a present last year for his birthday.

Johnny was sitting near the fire sketching in his sketch pad. Scott was relaxing with a favorite book.

Teresa was enjoying Murdoch’s narrative of the book’s images. “Oh Murdoch. Scotland seems such a beautiful place. It is so green. Do you miss it?”

“No, darling, I think about my birth land at times, and it’s quite beautiful, but I left home to make a new life in America. I don’t regret that at all.”

“Well gentlemen, I am off to bed. I will see all of you in the morning.” With a kiss to Murdoch’s cheek, Teresa left the room.

Murdoch was still looking at the illustrations in his book. He let the book rest in his lap, but was no longer looking at the page. He got a faraway look in his eyes; his expression rather sad. 

Scott got Johnny’s attention as both apparently noticed the change in their father.

“Are you okay, Sir? Would you like me to refresh your drink?”

“Hmm? No Scott, I’m fine. I was just lost in thoughts.” Laying his book on the table, he stood and announced he would be off to bed as well.

“Goodnight. Don’t stay up too late, boys. Morning comes early here.”

“We won’t Pa. Goodnight”

“We’ll head up shortly. Sleep well, Sir.”

The brothers refilled their drink and sat to talk once they were alone.

“Hey Scott, Murdoch seemed a million miles away there for a while. It looked like he was sad too. Do ya’ think he really misses Scotland?”

“It could be, Johnny. He hardly mentions his home land. Maye the book brought back memories of his life there.”

Changing the subject, Scott questioned Johnny regarding the upcoming holiday season. “Well, little brother. Have you started giving some thought to the Christmas gifts you will be purchasing for the family?”

“Yeah I have Scott, and I ain’t telling what. You just want to know your what ya’ gift is.” Johnny was giving his brother one of those killer smiles the family has grown accustomed to. .

Smiling at his brother, Scott wanted tell him about the gift he was going to give to their father.

“I’m going to use some of my inheritance to give him a trip back home to Scotland. I don’t know if there’s any family left, but I’m sure he would like to see old friends, as well as his home land itself.”

“Wow Scott. That sounds really nice. I’m sure he would like that a lot, but he’ll be gone for a while. Do ya’ think he would trust us handling Lancer while he’s gone? Well he trusts you, but I’m not sure he wants me to make any decisions regarding Lancer.”

“We’ll be fine. We have Cipriano here to help. You won’t be able to sign off on any contracts since you haven’t reached your majority yet, but you know what you are doing on the ranch.

As the clock on the mantle chimed the hour, Johnny and Scott headed for bed.

Scott was pleased with his idea for Murdoch’s gift. Johnny was as well.

“Boy, Boston, I can’t wait ’til Murdoch sees your gift.”



December 4, 2021


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4 thoughts on “A Gift For Murdoch by Barbara V.

  1. I loved it. My favorite stories surround the age of the characters as they were on the show. You did a splendid job of describing them and their emotions. Can’t wait to read more. Thank you.


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